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Legislative Priorities

Quality Education:

Providing our kids with a quality education is Roger’s top priority. He strongly believes in fully funding K-12 education. We must inspire teachers, parents and administrators, and be innovative about the way we teach our kids. College has to be affordable, and vocation and technical training opportunities need to be expanded.

Fiscal Responsibility:

Roger Freeman thinks that legislators need to live within a budget just like families do. That means setting priorities and saying no to the things that we can’t afford. The time for budget gimmicks is over. We need to create a budget sustainability and live within our means. A strong system of performance audits can help to identify waste and abuse.

Economic Opportunity:

Roger supports strengthening “Buy Washington” Laws so that state contracts go to local businesses first. He also believes in investing in critical improvements to our roads to get people working and freight moving. And in tough times, the last thing we need is to raise taxes.